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Gary R Miller (Gary R Miller <justi.miller@...>) on June 14, 2003

Dear Glosalists,

There is no denying that bigger dictionaries in many different languages would be useful. But the idea is to keep Glosa’s vocabulary small. If one cannot find a word in the word list, put two or three Glosa words together or say what the word means.

For example: Although you may look up the word for chair in your word list, Glosa does not have a word for chair. Instead, it is called “sit-furniture.” As someone else has pointed out, my word list did not have a word for linguist, so I wrote what the word means: “language-science-person [lingua-skience-pe].” This is actually better than English because sometimes the word linguist only means “someone who knows several languages [poli-lingua-pe].”

Words for plants and animals can be taken from the Greco-Latin genus names, found in libraries or even better dictionaries in many languages.

Plu karo Glosalisti:

Es zero nega anti u-ci; ma mega verba-bibli de poli hetero lingua sio es funktio. Anti-co un idea es, tena pusi u verba lista de Glosa. Si pe ne posi detekti u verba in verba lista, face un unio de bi alo tri Glosa verba alo dice; u verba habe qo semani.

Exempla: Anti, tu posi tenta vide u verba chair in tu verba lista, Glosa ne habe mo verba chair. Vice-co id gene nima sedi-mo. Homo hetero-pe pa indika, mi verba lista ne habe u verba “linguisti”, ka-co mi pa grafo semani; u verba habe: lingua-skience-pe. U-ci es ma boni de England lingua, ka, plu hetero kron, u verba linguist simpli habe u semani “pe; qi du ski poli lingua”, u-ci es “poli-lingua-pe”.

Plu verba de fito e de zoa posi gene cepti ex Helena-Latino genus nima; ge-detekti in plu bibli-do ali klu in plu ma boni verba-bibli de poli lingua.

Saluta, _ _ /. Gary #/# ###

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