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Re: GlosaReader update

William T. Branch ("William T. Branch" <bill@...>) on June 20, 2006

This looks cool. I’m going to have to install it on my linux system.

—= In, “con4224” <mail@…> wrote:

Karo glosa-p= e,

I recently had some spare time, and created a new version of the

GlosaReader program:

  • The basic functionality didn’t change, so you s= till copypaste some text into it and move the mouse over words to get tra= nslations
  • The lookup routine is now error-tolerant, e.g. it looks in th= e dictionary for the 20 best matching words (not only exact matches)
  • = The lookup of words is delayed a short time, so you have the chance to mo= ve the mouse to the lower part of the program and inspect the looked up w= ords
  • You can integrate the application into your webpages, showing a te= xt of your choice

You find the new version here: http://www.eikepr= and have a look on an example that r= uns online here (this requires a Java(tm) Plugin Version 1.4 or greater; = see above page for more info): /example/index.php

Cheers, Eike

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