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Re: [glosalist] sort of tutor 3

John Avis (John Avis <jhnavis@...>) on April 11, 2006

sydpidd@… wrote:

“The tall (and) thin man with the white hair is my friend’s uncle”. [th tall and thin man with th white hair d is th i friend uncle] . “u alti e tenu homi ko u i alba kapila du es u mi ami parenta-fratri .” [u alti e tenu homi ko u alba kapila] [ du es] [u mi ami parenta-fratri] . “u alti …..” indicate /one; “du ……..” info / time (now with duration) / flow of meaning from indicate to info; “u mi…….”
info/one .

“u alti e tenu homi ko u alba kapila du” we know that the indicate phrase starts with “u” and ends just before “du”, the phrase has two parts- the second starting with the “u” after “ko” the last word in the first half “ hom”i is the main/head word, “alt”i and “tenu� add precision to “ hom”i. “ko … kapila” also add precision to “homi” “u mi ami parenta-fratri” “mi” adds precision to “ami” because “mi” does not stand alone and is after “u”, it is “my” in english, “my friend”. “ami” adds precision to “parenta-fratri” and is “my friend’s uncle”
“parenta-fratri is the main/head word” notice that “mi” adds to “ami” which adds to “ parenta-fratri” but both “alt”i and “tenu” separately add to “homi” so we have introducing word for noun phrase also carrying number, precision words/adjectives main word

“the quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog” and e brown bruno dog kani fox vulpes jump salta lazy anti-ergo over supra quick tako any offers?? ………………

Hogben in Interglossa used an initial capital letter to indicate the main word in a noun phrase, so if we follow his lead we may write:

u tako e bruno Vulpe salta supra u anti-ergo kani

We can see that ‘salta’ is the verb without any additional ‘du’ or ‘nu’ but in such a simple sentence the meaning is surely obvious.

I think the best way to write any language is to keep things as simple as possible.

Saluta, John Avis.

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