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Re: [glosalist] sort nof tutor (sydpidd@...) on April 1, 2006

something i’ve been thinking about - i’ll work on it and simplify etc -

Thinking in Glosa - One Method of Translating to G Robin has said several times that we ought to think in Glosa rather than merely substituting Glosa words for those in our own language. I agree and here perhaps is one method of starting.

“I like Glosa”

This was thought in English, let us try put it in a more general grammar. “I”= concept is the writer, indication by the writer, number is one. - a subject noun phrase singular “like”= information added by the writer, includes the concept of time related to the writing of the sentence:- [now] but also in the past and very probably in the future too. the action has duration. the flow of meaning is from indication section to information sections.- a verb phrase “Glosa”= more information added by the writer/ an object noun phrase.

Now we think in glosa:- G phrase order is indication section + info (action and time) + info sections or:- subject noun + verb + object ………

“I” -this is a complete noun phrase time signalled is now and with duration [d] - “like” - [noun/singular signal] [th] “glosa” …… “i d like th glosa”

BUT if i use the GID dictionary, we get “mi amo homo efigi simi posi probabli u glosa” !!!!!!!! my dictionary derived from GID gives “mi du ?ness?ing?ly? u glosa”;
asking for “likeness” [noun], “liking” [verb] or “likely” [adverb] To think in Glosa i ask my computer “i d liking th glosa” and get “mi du amo u glosa”

If i work back to English, I get “I;me;my continue (-ing); -ing (continuous tense) love; like (love); affection; approve; kindness ;mercy; warm: .. a; an; one; the; any “Glosa” is not in the dictionary i have, but elswhere i have seen “tongue” and” language”

I think that “love” is not the word I want - too strong so I shall change my dictionary to give “pusi-amo” for “liking” “mi du pusi-amo u glosa”

Perhaps someone can think of a better word.

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