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Re: [glosalist] Re: The Glosa Killer App

Robin Fairbridge Gaskell (Robin Fairbridge Gaskell <drought-breaker@...>) on April 1, 2006

At 03:07 AM 3/29/06, Kevin Smith grafo:

— In, “Wayne S. Rossi” wrote:

I think a conlang’s success relies on getting it out in the popular consciousness, through things like literature, magazines, music, and film.

True. The internet is cheaper, faster, and more global than any other medium I can think of. It also connects well with younger folks, who are (perhaps) more likely to try something radical. Thus, I would focus on it rather than paper books, magazines, music, or film.

I also think that translating practical information is more valuable than translating material for art and entertainment. The biggest motivation to learn Glosa is to obtain useful information that is not available in the reader’s native language. I’m not sure many people would be motivated to learn Glosa just to gain access to poetry or fiction.

Glosa, like several other IAL projects I think could develop into something major given a chance, seems mostly to be the stuff of introverted journals. At this point, even a blog in the language would be a big step.

True. It is much easier to translate text than to write original text. If there were a few sources of news, opinion, or culture that were freely available to be translated, that could be the starting point for a Glosa blog. These days, there may be some great blogs that use a Creative Commons license that would permit translation into Glosa.

Translating a steady stream of material from French, Russian, Chinese, or whatever would be a powerful demonstration of IAL benefits. Doing the same for English sources would still be valuable, although not as much because English is so widely known.

Imagine if 10 Glosa-pe each translated one blog posting or article each week, and posted them all to the same Glosa blog site.


     I will say that I can contribute to a blog, but not to other  forms of art; also, the blog is instantly accessible to all with the  curiosity and a computer connected to the Net.  I am getting too old  to get my head around the idea, and rationale, behind blogging, so  someone else would have to set up the site.  However, I would be a  regular visitor.  Sadly I use only two languages: English and  Glosa.  I would not be able to provide translations into any other  language than my mother tongue.

Yes, it is an excellent idea,


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