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Re: [glosalist] Re: The Glosa Killer App

Robin Fairbridge Gaskell (Robin Fairbridge Gaskell <drought-breaker@...>) on March 30, 2006

Karo Wayne e Plu Amika,

At 05:01 AM 3/28/06, you wrote:

I accidentally sent a part-formed reply.

As I was going to say – I think a conlang’s success relies on getting it out in the popular consciousness, through things like literature, magazines, music, and film. The best thing you could do would be to find a director willing to shoot short films in an auxiliary language, so that there would then be some actual material for interested people to be exposed to the language. Glosa, like several other IAL projects I think could develop into something major given a chance, seems mostly to be the stuff of introverted journals. At this point, even a blog in the language would be a big step.

  • Wayne S. Rossi

— Vasiliy <vabot@…> wrote:

Hi Bill!

Thank you for your message “The Glosa Killer App” and for your thoughts. It’s all right. ……………

     I wish to point out that Wendy Ashby has been working with  creative people to incorporate Glosa into their creative work, and  has had a number of successes.
     A major lubricant to the process of dissemination, would be  suitable instruction books - at various levels - and a range of easy  readers in Glosa.  These still need to be written, and this is mainly  because people interested in the language have stayed with  vocabulary-building.  Once all had agreed on a suitable training  vocabulary, then instructional works using this training vocabulary  could be compiled by the group.  Additional words can be added,  progressively in a primer, but their meanings would need to be given  in the text, and in a range of languages.

     My favourite idea is ~Doci Glosa Uti Glosa~.  By starting  with one Glosa word, possibly ~andro~, and adding to it with obvious  pictures, a story can be built up without reference to any other  language.  Needless to say, the learner will progress more quickly if  he, or she, has a trainer dictionary in their own language.

     But, this is just one idea!  Each, who sees the beauty in  Glosa, probably has their own idea of how others could best get into  the language, and what sort of learner's book would achieve  this.  All this should be based, as Vasiliy says, on a well worked  out business plan.

     So, what's on our shopping list:
             * a business plan
             * well-written primers
             * a learners' vocabulary
             * creative people who write songs, make films, etc
             * a forward minded philanthropist.

     That's enough for a start.  But we'd probably need a  co-ordinating committee to ensure a balanced, and systematic, development.
     Maybe one, or more, graded grammar books would help, as well.

     What such a co-ordinating group would not need is endless  discussion about what is best.  By now, with all that has been  written in, and about, Glosa,  a dedicated group co-operating  positively could quite quickly arrive at working principles that  might be translated into the writing of various grammars, primers  reading books, and the production of artistic works.
     I might have overlooked the financial sponsor.  However, a  lot of creative work can be done with brains, pencils and paper -  before a sponsor is found.

Best wishes to All … for Good Communication,


Robin Gaskell

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