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Re: [glosalist] Re: The Glosa Killer App

William T. Branch ("William T. Branch" <bill@...>) on March 28, 2006

Hi Vasiliy,

I agree. It is a big project. Creating the software can be done by one person and some time, a few months to a year. Making nicely polished software would take longer. Marketing would cost a lot too. There are several companies that are international that could be approached such as Coca-Cola. This would be a great mutually beneficial advertising campaign for them.

There is also the open-source route which is the route that the Linux OS took. One person starts it. A few more hop on board. A small loyal user base grows by word of mouth and after a few years the thing takes off.

Regards, Bill

Vasiliy wrote:

Hi Bill!

Thank you for your message “The Glosa Killer App” and for your thoughts. It’s all right.

What I want to add.

The killer app must have a rich and strong sponsor! (Private or government)

Let’s remember the Eo history as a precedent. Primarily the Eo project was financed by the count Lev Tolstoy. In particular his “Milito kaj paco” had been translated to Eo for his money. And many others books too. Eo wouldn’t be successfull without money of Lev Tolstoy.

If you want to destribute any IAL widely, you ought to have a serious marketing plan. The marketing plan should be designed as anti-marketing scheme.

Regards, Vasiliy Terehov

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