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Re: [glosalist] History Behind Glosa

Nick N. Mikhailenko ("Nick N. Mikhailenko" <nick0000@...>) on March 24, 2006

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“History Behind Glosa” is online available as PDF-document. Please have a look at .

A paper version (only monochrome) can be demanded from Glosa Education Organisation, P. O. Box 18, Richmond Surrey TW9 2GE, England. Price: 1 GBP + shipping 60 p UK or 120 p non-UK.

I have 30 USD for GEO, but how to send from Moscow, Russia ? I have no expirience

Especially, I would know about etimology of glosa-words. Is there anything in Inet, not only mark G in dictionry, but full version?

Thanks for History


P.S. I search the full gram. and dictionry of language NEO by Arturo Alfandari, 1960-years In Inet I see very little on this intresting project. Some links are dead.

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