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Re: Glosa ISO code

William T. Branch ("William T. Branch" <bill@...>) on February 22, 2006

Karo Robin,

I’m not sure how important an ISO code is for glosa. ISO langu= age codes are shorthand usually for computer data formats, xml markups, e= tc. You can find out more here:

You’l= l notice that the iso code for english, “en” was used in the link.

My in= terest in it is that Wikipedia requires one in the submission for a new la= nguage form.

It looks like a project to get a language added to the wikip= edia and a six month waiting period. There’s no guarantee they will accept= .

A glosa wiki address might look something like the following fake addre= ss:


— In glosalist@yahoogroup=, Robin Fairbridge Gaskell <drought- breaker@…> wrote:

At 10:36 = AM 2/19/06, you wrote:

Does anyone know if Glosa has an ISO code or prop= osed ISO code? -bill Ahoy, again, Bill,

My guess is that the answ= er is no. Wendy Ashby is titular head of Glosa at present, but she is not= on the Mailing List, and is working, as if from a secretariat, selling=

dictionaries and communicating, by letter, internationally.

You co= uld write to her and ask if she has applied for an ISO code, but I fear = that such a thing is a bit too modern, even for me. Please tell us all = why Glosa needs such a code, and what it will do for the language to ha= ve one.

Quite sincerely,

Robin P.S. The address is: Glosa, = PO Box 18, Richmond, Surry TW9 2AU, U.K.

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