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syntonica ("syntonica" <syntonica@...>) on February 8, 2006

Ave panto-pe! I am new to Glosa and find I am attracted to it because of i= ts simplicity and charm. However, delving into the vocabularies, there se= em to be non-sensical redundancies.
For example:

good, well: boni [L]= vs. bene [L] vs. eu [G] negation: no(n) vs. ne vs. nuli sweet: = sukro [L] vs. dulce [L] vs. gluko [G] vs. suavi L

Is there a dis= cussion that someone could point me to regarding these, or similar? As you= can imagine, finding good search terms on a micro-vocabulary is rather di= fficult. I would also imagine these have been debated somewhere.

Also, I= noticed the use of “suicide” for “suicide.” Wouldn’t this be “pig killer”= ? and the proper compound in Glosa be “se-cide”? “Sui” in Latin means “se= lf” and in Glosa, “se” is the form chosen.

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