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Re: tri bibli?

stefichjo ("stefichjo" <sts@...>) on February 6, 2006

Hi Syd,

— In, sydpidd@… wrote:


1) plu tri bibli or 2) plu-tri bibli

This might be “the third books”, = though.

3) u bibli numero tri … pa gene ki

This is the “bibli tri”= -idea made long. bibli numero tri =3D noun + noun + noun =3D noun + (noun += noun) -> bibli “numero ‘tri’”

in 1), tri makes the plural ‘plu’ more p= recise rather making the meaning of
‘bibli’ so. the number modifies th= e number part of the introductory word in 2), this is clearer

If “tri”= shall modify the “plu”, then it should be something like

“tri-plu bibli”

Regards, Stephan

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