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Re: [glosalist] tri bibli?

John Avis (John Avis <jhnavis@...>) on February 3, 2006

sydpidd@… wrote:

perhaps 1) plu tri bibli or 2) plu-tri bibli and 3) u bibli numero tri … pa gene ki in 1), tri makes the plural ‘plu’ more precise rather making the meaning of ‘bibli’ so. the number modifies the number part of the introductory word in 2), this is clearer in 3), the ‘u’ and ‘numero’ say which book, and the modifiers come after the head word in the noun phrase - not usual in a glosa noun phrase or you could say the ‘tri’ is the head

Another suggestion for 3) above: u tri bibli ‘u’ denotes the singular so ‘tri’ must mean ‘third’ John Avis


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