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Re: [glosalist] tri bibli?

Robin Fairbridge Gaskell (Robin Fairbridge Gaskell <drought-breaker@...>) on February 2, 2006

At 12:16 AM 2/2/06, Vasiliy Terehov grafo:

“bibli tri” = third book??? Intuitively, it seems inconsistent!

I guess it would be better “tri bibli” as “third book”, coz an adjective in Glosa should be before a noun. This is a pattern in Glosa, therefore such construction would seem more logic.

I guess it would be better “tri de bibli” or “bibli tri” as “three books”

Yes Vasiliy, “Intuitively” is the word that applies to Glosa. However it is simplified and ‘streamlined’ and does not do all of the things polite, drawing-room languages do: I think of it as a Meta-Language.

 However, you are right there is some lee-way for discussion on  the complexities of syntax.

 So, if we are to make sense in communication we will need to be  able to make distinctions between different ways of juggling the  concepts we wish to communicate.

 a third book
 the third book
 three books
 book three (Book III) in a series

 a three-book series         ......    all need different expressions.

 While you and I might have our own (intuitive) ideas about how  this can - or should - be achieved, the Internet gives all interested  parties a chance to demonstrate their own (possibly ideosyncratic...  or, maybe, cultural) take on what is best for the people of Planet  Earth, which was the original target population for Glosa.  So, here  goes from me - a first draft:-

 Bill pa grafo an tri bibli durante 1997.  ...his third book... ?  ...his three books...
 Id es u tri bibli ex Klara ke mi maxi hedo.        ...the third  book from...
 Id es bibli tri ex Klara ke mi maxi hedo.  three from...
 U presidenti pa grafo tri bibli pre an gene  ge-fusili.    ...wrote three books...
 Mi prefere bibli-tri de Tolkein "Anula" seri. three of...

 Mi fu gaino ma valuta per expande id in u tri-bibli  seri.   ...into a three-book...

 As Ron Clark always said, CONTEXT is half of the communication  story; however, it does seem that a special suffix would clear up  most of the ambiguity.

  Although I have usually avoided adding the language, this might  be a place to make a suggestion:
      -em     All could do the job that  -st, -nd and -th do in English. The short two-letter affix wins on adding minimal sound ( -AYm ) and  minimal letters.

   An pa grafo an tetr-em bibli mo anua po-la, durante 1998.

   Seqe anua, an fu publiko u pent-em bibli.

   Mi apreci Klara tri bibli, sed maxi hedo u tri-em.
   Mi apreci holo Klara tri bibli, sed maxi hedo u tri-em.

 It is hot here - in Australia's summer - and reading emails made  me sleepy, but in answering your query, Vasiliy, I was fully awake.


Robin Gaskell P.S. What do other Glosa-pe think about this idea of rationalising number and order? R.

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