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Re: [glosalist]

Nick N. Mikhailenko ("Nick N. Mikhailenko" <nick0000@...>) on October 13, 2005

Good luck to pan glosa-pe ! I hope you succeed.

John Avis

Robin Gaskell

Dear Robin G.!

Please, write the history of Glosa-movement in simple English (unidiomatic) while you are alive Tell about men and women, as persons, in this affair. I will use your story in my site, where russian readers will have materials on Volapuk, Esperanto, Ido, Occidental, Novial, Interingua, Intal, Glosa, Slovio.

How can you don’t know Esperanto? It’s very strange!

For consideration: Mi fobo 1) mi habe fobo 2) fobo de mi

I prefer: mi -> yo, me, mi yo fobo != mi fobo

Siplicity in prescription not always = opportunaty in usage

The main interes of Glosa is in dictionary. Dead roots is more usefull than modern because of science, tekhnic, arts. Zamenhof would have a shock. Why not make Liga = Glosa + Esperanto ?

Liga simpla = Glosa Liga pedanta = Esperanto

Works of glosa-pe will be part of future universal human language. It will be so! After twenty years.

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