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Re: [glosalist] Ave :)

Robin Fairbridge Gaskell (Robin Fairbridge Gaskell <drought-breaker@...>) on February 8, 2005

At 10:02 AM 2/7/05, you wrote:

Llu=EDs Batlle i Rossell <viric@vicerveza.h=> Ave!

Mi volu gene sko de Glosa. Mi gen sko de u-ci tem tetra = horo. Sed mi fo-amo u Glosa.

Mi pote logi u Glosa grama. Sed mi ne pote gr= afo u boni grama. Mi volu u-ci; vi grafo u grama per solo Glosa.

Mi pote d= ice u esperanto-lingua. Ko-co, qe vi pote in u-ci grego ? :)

Gratia! Vale = :)

Just a brief note to Lluis, Sorry I did not get in touch, but, yes,= the Glosa story is still not well supported: we need a central shop for t= he world. It has not happened, yet, and sadly, may never happen.

I a= m glad that, even on your own, you could teach yourself to use Glosa  quite=  well.

Keep watching this space, Glosa might, Phoenix-like, arise from=  the ashes.

Best wishes,


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