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Plu Histori de u Bio (1)

Mario Montijo ("Mario Montijo" <mariomontijo@...>) on February 19, 2004


Solita Ju-fe

Mi pa gene ski de Julia pre bi anua, kron mi pa= ergo in u pusi Infanti-horti; (ci, u infanti-horti es pro infanti qi eva = de 3 =96 6 anua.) U-la tem Julia pa eva sixa anua. Fe pa simi onto norma, = homo panto hetero ju-pe, sed pa es u mega difere. Pre mo anua qi na ski al= elo, fe matri, patri e pusi an-sibi ge-lose bio in u vagona mali-acide. U =

mali-acide pa gene kausa ex u narko duce-pe. Julia plus pa es ad-in u vago= na e solo fe supra-bio. Fe pa gene algo fo mali. Fe pa re-gene sko qo de a= mbula =96e qo bio minus fe famili=96. Sed fe ne pa lose fe felici!. Fe meg= a pa ridi =96homo panto hetero infanti=96. Mi ne ski qo-mega fe memo de u = mali acide. Mi ne ski qo-freqe fe memo fe famili, e mi ne ski qo mega mali= -somni fe pa have. Mi ne vide fe de u-la-tem. Sed mi ski; nu, fe bio ko fe = “neo” famili; fe have u “neo” matri, u “neo” patri e “neo” plu fe-sibi e p= lu an- sibi, homo fe pa more dice.

Bi pikto ex Julia: (epi reti-pagina)

N= ara ex KATHRIN

martin_bode@… r/sadr.html

Sad Reality Lonely girl I met Julia two years ago when I was = working in a small kindergarten (kindergarten here is for children age 3 =

we met, her mom, dad and her baby brother died in a car accident. The acc= ident was caused by a drunken driver. Julia was in the car too and she was= the only one who survived. She was injured pretty bad. She had to learn = how to walk again - and how to live without her family - but she didn’t lo= st her happiness! She was laughing a lot - like all the other children. I= don’t know how much she remembers about the accident. I don’t know how of= ten she remembers her family and I don’t know how many nightmares she has.=

I haven’t seen her since then, but I know she’s living with her “new” fa= mily now, she has a “new” mom, a “new” dad and “new” sisters and brothers,= like she used to say.

Two pictures painted by Julia

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