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Re: [glosalist] na lupu doso (sydpidd@...) on February 5, 2004

karo plu glosa-pe

Mi pa examina plu mi dificili ko plu lingua klu plu in Glosa. Mi detekte ke mi posi lekto Glosa ko uno facili sed pa es no sura komo grafo id boni. Plu mi examina pa face un anti-krati sibi infanti de Glosa qi posi habe intereste a plu de glosalist-pe e plu kolekti- pe de plu ge-face lingua - posi habe plu oligo puta. U seqe a nu es epi u web pagina:-

I have been investigating my difficulties with languages including a few with glosa. I find that I can read G fairly easily but am not quite sure how to write it well. My investigations have produced a rebel nephew of G which may be of interest to some Glist readers and collectors of made languages - might even have one or two useful ideas.

the result so far “na lupu doso” is on a web page:- sid

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