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U pusi transalti de u maya nara

Mario Montijo ("Mario Montijo" <mariomontijo@...>) on February 3, 2004

Ave plu ami glosa pe: Place mi volu tu plu sugesti, poli grati, saluta, Mar= io


NARA KAKASBAL E U KANI U kron a tem, pa es viro qi pa es fo po= ve, an pa es holo tem in mali mode e nuli pa linqi acide okasi de akti mal= i an paleo kani. Kakasbal (spiritu de mali qi es panto lo), pa vide qe an s= io pote profito de ludo ko u kani furi. E ko u-ci in psiko, an pa proxi u =

kani. =96Oh! Pove ra; qo-ka tu es fo tristi? Dice tu a mi qe okasi. =96Kom= o pote mi ne es tristi kron mi amo bate mi holo tem. =96Mi ski qe an es mal= i viro; qo-ka tu ne ki ab an? =96An es mi amo e mi es fide; mi ne sio ki ab= an per one ra. =96Sed tu amo es no pote de rekogni tu fide. =96U-la no imp= orta, an es mi amo. Mi fu resta fide. Sed kakasbal ne sio linqi acide; an t= ortu u kani a kron, solo te ge libe de an, u kani fine pa dice: =96Boni. T= u have sti kredi mi. Dice mi qod mi debi face. =96Dona mi tu anima. =96E qo= d tu dona mi a kambio =96One ra, tu demanda mi ex. =96Mi volu u osteo per s= ingu peli fi de mi soma =96Mi es akorda Ko u la, Kakasbal proto nume u kapi= la de zoa. Sed pre nu kron an pa es fini, have pa extende u kauda, u kani = pa psiko in u debi de fidi an amo e an dromo, sti kakasbal lose an topo. = =96Qo-ka tu pa kine? Mi lose mi nume. =96Id es plu ci diptera qi vexa mi no= ktu e di. Solo proto itera. Hekto tem Kakasbal proto an nume e hekto tem an= lose id kron u kani pa du salta. =96Mi linqi. Mi ne nume ma. Tu have fals= i mi, sed ko u-la tu dona mi u gravi sko. Es ma dificili merka u kani anim= a de merka u viro anima.


LEGEND KAKASBAL AND THE DOG Once upon = a time there was a man who was so poor he was always in a bad mood, and ne= ver passed up a chance to mistreat his old dog. Kakasbal [spirit of evil], = who is everywhere, saw that he could benefit from by playing on the dog’s = anger. And with this in mind he approached the dog. =97Oh you poor thing; = why so sad? Tell me what is the matter. =97How can I not be sad when my mas= ter beats me all the time. =97I know that he is an ornery man; why don’t yo= u leave him? =97He is my master and I am loyal; I wouldn’t leave him for an= ything. =97But your master is incapable of appreciating your loyalty. =97Th= at does not matter, he is my master; I will remain loyal. But Kakasbal = wouldn’t let up; he harassed the dog until, just to get rid of him the dog= finally said: =97OK. You have convinced me. Tell me what I should do. =97G= ive me your soul. =97And what will you give me in return? =97Anything you a= sk me for. =97I want a bone for every hair on my body. =97I agree. With= that, Kakasbal began to count the animal’s hair. But just as he was finis= hing, having reached the tail, the dog thought of the loyalty due his mast= er and gave a start, causing Kakasbal to lose his place. =97Why did you mo= ve? I lost my count. =97It’s these darn fleas that plague me night and day.= Just start again. A hundred times Kakasbal began his count and a hundr= ed times he lost it when the dog jumped. =97I give up. I will count no mo= re. You have deceived me, but in so doing taught me an important lesson. I= t is harder to buy the soul of a dog than it is to buy the soul of a man. =

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