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Re: Glosa as a charity

Marcel Springer (Marcel Springer <marcel@...>) on September 29, 2016

                                                  Glosa seqe ###. 

Dear Glosa-pe

and dear James, many thanks for your generous offer! And welcome to glosalist!

The website and the domain are mine. The listowner of glosalist at yahoo is also me. So both things are not at risk at the moment, as I am still alive and well yet. The registration of (greetings to Michael Emerson and thanks for his research) will be prolonged automatically by the provider. Money is not needed, but please keep Glosa in your heart and stay at glosalist. Sorry to you all that I did not react and make this clear earlier.

Greetings also to Hillary Bowman. The charity thing was mainly relevant for donators who live in the UK and pay taxes there, I believe. Nevertheless, perhaps you can get in touch again with the former members of the charity group someday.

Upload in March already, but no notification here: Please have a look at the very last issue of Plu Glosa Nota

and have a nice autumn, saluta



Karo Glosa-pe e karo James, mega gratia de tu generoso ofere. E bene-veni a glosalist! U www-pagina e dominio es proprie de mi. glosalist a yahoo plus es proprie de mi. So plu-la ra ne habe risko nu-tem, kausa mi habe bio e sani a-nu. U registra de (saluta a Michael Emerson e gratia de an recerka) fu gene prolongi automati ex inter-reti kura-firma. Valuta ne gene nece, sed place tena Glosa in vi kordi e dura resta a glosalist. Penite a panto vi; mi ne pa reakti e klari u-ci pre. Saluta plus a Hillary Bowman. U karita ra pa habe maxi relati a plu dona-pe; qi vive in UK e paga plu fiska la; mi kredi. Anti-co, posi uno di tu gene tange itera a plu pa-membra de karita-grega. Ana-kargo tem meno 3, sed nuli nota ci a-nu: Place vide u ta ultima nova-papira Plu Glosa Nota e habe gluko sperma-tem, saluta Marcel

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