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The quality of a language

Tóth László (=?iso-8859-2?q?T=F3th=20L=E1szl=F3=20?= <leslie_toth@...>) on December 24, 2003

Dear Mr. Robin,

The two languages, Esperanto and Glosa, seem to be a= t the opposite sides of the range of languages.

Could you explain me wh= at were you think of when you mentioned “the range of languages”?

[E] = I would hope we can work together to mix the two languages to make a bet= ter language; but it would need so much change that the final product wi= ll have the appearance of neither Glosa nor Esperanto, and would make no= body happy.

Maybe those who are using Esperanto would be not happy, becaus= e they are already many as number, but I think the users of the Glosa are n= ot too numerouse so far. Otherwise it doesn’t matter what would be the opin= ion of those who are speaking Esperanto or Glosa. What is really important = are those who will learn the new more suitable language from this time on, = because they are the most as number. Meanwhile I got some information abou= t Glosa, studying that lessons about Glosa found on the Internet.

But I co= uldn’t get to know so far, if you can express yourself using Glosa in a ve= ry high standard way, in the same manner as in Enlish or Esperanto. If that= works, I would be greatly satisfied with Glosa because I think that is the= most expected quality of a language!

[E] Sadly, I have no time for th= e needed work with Glosa, thus a new language between Glosa and Esperant= o will need to have its own starting development. I am 67 years old, an= d have no time for this new development work.

I’m not too young either,= I’m 48 years old.

regards, Laslo

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The quality of a language - Committee on language planning, FIAS. Coordination: Vergara & Hardy, PhDs.