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Re: official descriptions of the Glosa language

Kim ("Kim" <kimesperanto@...>) on January 27, 2013


Gratia de tu responde, and for the mention of Marcel’s excel= lent dictionaries. I had been assuming they have an official approval atta= ched to them.

Although you didn’t specifically comment on my working assum= ptions, I imagine you would have mentioned any concerns you had with them. =

Even though there are a few minor confusing language usages that I’ll be a= sking about, for now I am quite content to learn and use Glosa at its curre= nt definition. It is a joy to learn. Coming from Esperanto, it is so re= freshing not to have to parse through a word like rugxigita (rugx-ig-i-ta) = =3D having been caused to be red =3D having been reddened.


If = anyone else has feedback to my 3 assumptions just below, or the earliest qu= estions, please do comment.

Saluta, Kim

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The problem for Glosa as I see it is that a= ) Unfortunately Wendy, who is the “authority” for the language is not acti= ve (I have been in contact with her for years although not recently but I = am aware of her health issues) and - obviously - the loss of Ron Clarke was= a great blow to her and for the progress of the language: b) Consequently= the language has sort of come to a stand-still and until such time as its = future can be organised in some way or another it will remain in limbo. T= his is a great shame as Glosa has so much potential and is a joy to learn. = In conclusion I think that to follow the basic rules as origninally set d= own and to use the inet dictionaries as produced by Marcel Springer are the= best tools for learning the language until b) comes about and any amendmen= ts etc would be univerally accepted. Regards, Davidjp


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Gratia. Your answer is clear and unequivocal. I also read “Sti Logi” -= thanks very much for that.

I’m sorry to learn Wendy Ashby has been = sick. Also, Marcel Springer has mentioned she is good about answering quest= ions by mail.


Continuing with the search for offici= al defining documents… By extension of Gary’s statements, any works writt= en in or translated into Glosa by Ms. Ashby would constitute authoritative = examples and usage. I have already seen that the language has evolved, so I= would imagine we would give more weight to later works than earlier, if di= fferences were noticed among writings (speaking here of works by her and/or= Ronald Clark). I see that “18 Steps” was written between 1985-1992, so thi= s sets a point of reference.

For some of her Glosa documents there i= s fortunately a date recorded; others such as “Un Hedo Prince” (which I jus= t finished, and enjoyed very much seeing the concepts in action) do not hav= e a date. :(

Moving to a related point, if we then read the works of= others, and see differences in word order or style that seem contrary to t= he creators’ works (also taking into account the year of writing), then we = should be able to confidently see them as incorrect (or in some cases, corr= ect but not the best style) – right?

Again, as said at the start of= the thread, some Glosa works established the wrong rules or usage at the s= tart of my Glosa adventure. I am seeking clarification before I go further,= and for others to come.

In brief then,

  • Ashby and Clark’s work= s are the gold standard.
  • Their later works, especially 1985 and aft= er, are what we hold correct, when differences are seen in their earlier wo= rks.
  • Their works establish the official usage, wherever differences a= re seen in other peoples’ works.

Correct? Other thoughts?

G= ratia e Saluta!! Kim

— In, “Gary” wr= ote:


Wendy Ashby is the author of 18 STEPS a= nd the owner of the Glosa language. Her work has been slow lately because o= f illness. She has the sole rights to make any changes to Glosa. I don’t th= ink she has e-mail at the present time, but she is very good about answerin= g questions if you send her “snail mail.” Her address can be found at www.g=

I have tried to answer some of these questions in my= blog: and click on “Sti Logi.”

Salut= a, _ _ /. /\ Gary #

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