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Re: official descriptions of the Glosa language

Kim ("Kim" <kimesperanto@...>) on January 26, 2013


Gratia. Your answer is clear and unequivocal. I also read “Sti L= ogi” - thanks very much for that.

I’m sorry to learn Wendy Ashby has been = sick. Also, Marcel Springer has mentioned she is good about answering ques= tions by mail.


Continuing with the search for official defini= ng documents… By extension of Gary’s statements, any works written in or= translated into Glosa by Ms. Ashby would constitute authoritative examples= and usage. I have already seen that the language has evolved, so I would = imagine we would give more weight to later works than earlier, if differenc= es were noticed among writings (speaking here of works by her and/or Ronald= Clark). I see that “18 Steps” was written between 1985-1992, so this sets= a point of reference.

For some of her Glosa documents there is fortunatel= y a date recorded; others such as “Un Hedo Prince” (which I just finished, = and enjoyed very much seeing the concepts in action) do not have a date. := (

Moving to a related point, if we then read the works of others, and see = differences in word order or style that seem contrary to the creators’ work= s (also taking into account the year of writing), then we should be able to= confidently see them as incorrect (or in some cases, correct but not the b= est style) – right?

Again, as said at the start of the thread, some Glosa= works established the wrong rules or usage at the start of my Glosa advent= ure. I am seeking clarification before I go further, and for others to com= e.

In brief then,

C= orrect? Other thoughts?

Gratia e Saluta!! Kim

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Wendy Ashby is the author of 18 STEP= S and the owner of the Glosa language. Her work has been slow lately becau= se of illness. She has the sole rights to make any changes to Glosa. I do= n’t think she has e-mail at the present time, but she is very good about an= swering questions if you send her “snail mail.” Her address can be found a= t

I have tried to answer some of these questions in my = blog: and click on “Sti Logi.”

Saluta, _ _ = /. /\ Gary #

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