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Cisco Kid 42

Gary Miller (Gary Miller <gmillernd@...>) on November 4, 2012

"You are not afraid--no one could make my brave little one fear." > "Tu ne este fobo.  Zero-pe sio pote sti; mi karo-pe este fobo."

"Well, I haven't been usually regarded as a jack-rabbit when it comes to scrapping; but I don't want a posse smoking me out when I'm in your /jacal/. > "Ben, pe akorda more ne habe u doxo; mi es u kunikulus kron nece pugna.  Anti-co mi ne volu; u polica grega tenta detekti mi, kron mi es topo tu domi.

“Somebody might get hurt that oughtn’t to.”

“Uno-pe posi gene noku; qi ne debi gene noku.”

"Remain with your Tonia; no one will find you here." > "Du resta ko tu Tonia.  Zero-pe fu detekti tu ci."

The Kid looked keenly into the shadows up and down the arroyo and toward the dim lights of the Mexican village. > U Juve-an kura skope in plu umbra longi fluvi-lo e a plu debili foto de u-la Mexico viki.

"I'll see how it looks later on," was his decision. > An decide es: "Mi po mikro tem fu re-taxo."

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