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Ultima Viole

Gary Miller (Gary Miller <gmillernd@...>) on April 22, 2012

The Final Battle (from the Society of War against Aliens)

The pyramid’s el= evator is taking your soldiers far below the surface of the planet.

They c= ome to a large intersection; it has many tunnels and rooms.

An alien brain= is hidden somewhere in the labyrinth. The aliens are going to turn all Ear= th’s peoples into slaves.

We must stop them; the alien brain must be destr= oyed!


The only thing I was a little shaky on was “Konditio na= volu sto mu.”

To solve the problem of where your lines split on the page:= Turn off the “word wrap” before you copy text to your e-mail server.

Salu= ta, _ _ /. /\ =A0 Gary #

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