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Cisco Kid 20

Gary Miller (Gary Miller <gmillernd@...>) on April 7, 2012

On his way the Kid suddenly experienced the yearning that all men feel when wrong-doing loses its keen edge of delight.

Tem viagia, u Juve-an subito este u minus; panto andro este, kron akti mali pa lose id sti-hedo.

He yearned for the woman he loved to reassure him that she was his in spite of it.

An desira; u gina; an filo, sti sura an; fe es de an anti panto-ra.

He wanted her to call his bloodthirstiness bravery and his cruelty devotion.

An volu; fe nomina an hema-dipso iso an koragi, e an fo-severi iso an atenta.

He wanted Tonia to bring him water from the red jar under the brush shelter, and tell him how the /chivo/ was thriving on the bottle.

An volu; Tonia fero ad an un hidro ex rubi vasa infra u-la tena-lo ex fito-ma, e dice ad an; u ju-kapri gene sani per lakti ex botilia.

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