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Re: (unknown) ( on June 4, 2011

Karo Myaleee,

2 “spam”-grama pa gene bali ab tu adresa a glosalist. Qe,= posi tu habe virus? Place kura de id.

Mi pa muta tu a “ge-modera” itera= , seqe-co tu nu fu pote grafo a glosalist ko hesita-tem.

Place grafo a m= i, kron tu pa repara id e mi fu muta tu a “no ge-modera” itera.


Marcel, glosalist-pe


Dear Myaleee, 2 spam-messages have been sent= from your account to glosalist. Do you have a virus? Please look after i= t. I changed you to “moderated” again, so you can post to glosalist now on= ly with delay. Please write to me, when you fixed it and I will change you= to “unmoderated” again. Greetings, Marcel, glosalist-listowner

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