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Elision and left shift

Gary R Miller (Gary R Miller <justi.miller@...>) on August 27, 2003

Karo Glosa-pe,

There already is an international/intercultural rule for elision: It is called “left shift” by linguists, and, although there are always exceptions in natural languages, it appears to be one the most universal laws of language.

The law states that if repetitions occur in the underlying semantics of the language, the one on the “left” (really the first one spoken) stays and the others are removed. For example:

HE IS tall + HE IS strong = He is tall and strong. NOT: Tall and he is strong

English generally uses left shift. But notice that English (and Glosa?) grammar produces different results:

He is a tall man + He is a strong man =[left shift]= He is a tall man and strong. (The New Testament Greek I have been studying uses this order, consequently you find it sometimes in the Authorized or King James Version of the Bible.)

Keeping the adjective before the noun produces rather:

= He is a tall and strong man.

Perhaps an open mind to both formalized grammatical and underlying semantic results would be best.

Pre es internatio/inter-kultura lega de apo-verba: Id gene nomina “a laevo” ex lingua-skience-pe, plus-co, anti es exklude-ra in plu natura lingua, id feno es mo ex plu maxi universa lega de panto lingua.

U-ci lega dice; si itera-ra gene acide in skeleto semani de uno lingua, un itera-ra “a laevo” (veri, u proto ge-dice) resta e hetero gene apo. Exempla:

AN HABE alti + AN HABE forti = An habe alti e forti. NE: Alti e an habe forti.

England-lingua more uti a-laevo. Anti-co sti vide; England-lingua (e Glosa?) gramatika face difere seqe:

An es un alti andro + An es u forti andro =[a-laevo]= An es un alti andro e forti. (Mi gene ski de Neo-Testi Helena-lingua; qi uti u-ci verba taxo, seqe-co pe uno-kron detekti id in “Ofici” alo “Regi James Forma” Kristo-Bibli.)

Tena u deskribe-verba pre nomina-verba face hetero:

= An es un alti e forti andro.

Posi, u cepti menta a bi-ci more-gramatika seqe e in-cerebra seqe fu habe maxi boni.

Saluta, _ _ /. Gary #/# ###

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Elision and left shift - Committee on language planning, FIAS. Coordination: Vergara & Hardy, PhDs.