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Gary R Miller (Gary R Miller <justi.miller@...>) on April 27, 2011

Plu karo Glosa-pe-

I don’t see “tricks” here- I see STYLE. / Mi ne vide plu idio strategi ci- mi vide plu PERSONA MODE.

Myaleee has a personal style, Ian also has a personal style. / Myaleee habe u ma ge-amo mode, plus Ian habe u ma ge-amo mode.

I have no problems understanding either of you! / Mi este zero turba de logi bi mu!

Every natural language has its own logic, although they all have irregularities. / Panto natura lingua habe auto idio logika, anti panto mu habe plu no-regula ra.

All constructed languages have logic, but they apply it in different ways. / Panto ge-skema lingua habe u logika, anti-co mu uti id per difere mode.

Esperanto is full of “tricks.” The -IL- suffix means “tool,” but it can also refer to papers; for example, PERMESILO means “permit.” / Esperanto habe poli “idio strategi.” La verba-fini -IL- habe u semani “instrumenta,” anti-co id pote habe u plus semani “papira.” Exempla-co PERMESILO habe u semani “lice karta.”

In Esperanto it is incorrect to say, “MI FIDAS LIN” (as in English), but one must say, “MI FIDAS AL LI.” (Either way is good in Glosa.) / Per Esperanto es no-korekti dice, “MI FIDAS LIN” (homi per England lingua), anti-co pe debi dice, “MI FIDAS AL LI.” (Bi u-ci es boni per Glosa.)

There are many more things like this in Esperanto. / Es poli ma homo ra in Esperanto.

Any language, natural or planned, takes practice. / Ali lingua, natura alo ge-skema, nece exercise.

I think Glosa has done much to minimalize the practice. / Mi doxo; Glosa habe poli pre ergo; qi face u-ci exercise ma brevi.

The only really logical solution I see for these problems, is that everyone be tolerant of everyone else’s style. / U solo veri logika solve; mi logi, es; panto-pe nece este tolera de panto-pe mode.

Only understanding the words is important. / Simpli u logi de plu verba es importa.

Someone who says, “I understand you, but- “ has ALREADY succeeded in understanding. / Uno-pe; qi dice; “Mi pa logi tu, anti-co- “ pa PRE gene u logi.

This misses the point of easy international communication. / U-ci ne habe u korekti logi de internatio komunika.

I think it is great that Glosa can be different for each individual person! / Mi doxo; es grandi; Glosa pote es difere pro panto singu homi!

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