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[Marcel to zeta:] Re: The List - U Lista

Marcel Springer ("Marcel Springer" <marcel@...>) on March 29, 2003

Karo John, Bill, Charles e Anthony. Gratia de vi grama!

Charles grafo, 2003-03-29:

The problem here is not the software, it’s lack of administration. Anybody can maintain a newsletter using any plain email program.

Yes, you are right, that is another possibility. But the solution on one’s own PC is only good, when he has very long online-time or better a 24-hour-server without vacations. Otherwise a direct discussion - like we rarely had also on glosalist - is not possible, when the list-owner switches off his PC and goes to bed.

I see obvious differences between the mailing-list providers and between the different software-solutions. When we start new, why not take the best one? But you are right, our virus attacks do not belong to the EZMLM-program or

So the real question is WHO, not WHERE.

It is all the same to me, WHO. My first choice would be, Robin would moderate the existing list. My second, anybody else would moderate a new mailing-list, perhaps someone, who can start an advert-free list. My third, if nobody feels like doing it, take the yahoo-group I started ( , ). With the simple option “No attachments” we can solve the virus-problem very easily without any work of moderation.

I just do not like the situation of glosalist, that could easily be misused now by idiots, criminals and other cyberterrorists.

And then, unless he is willing to filter out Jay-style flames, it still won’t work.

Mi plus pa puta de u-ci problema. Mi doxo: u maxi boni solve sio es neo speciali lista pro plu-la diskusi inter plu-la bi persona ;) .



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