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[Marcel to zeta:] Re: The List - U Lista

Marcel Springer ("Marcel Springer" <marcel@...>) on March 29, 2003

Karo pe; qi es ci a-nu,

Because of the spam and virus attacks in glosalist, I tried to learn more about mailing lists the last days. Here some lines about it:

The EZMLM-program, that runs glosalist@…, (manual: ) is available in two versions: the simple EZMLM and the more functional EZMLM-IDX, which allows moderating. That would be the easiest solution for us, if the list-owner (Robin) would moderate glosalist or if he would set in a co-moderator. (I just sent this letter also to Robin and to glosalist-owner@… ).

Another thing: I tested 3 mailing-list providers: , , “glosa-forum”, glosa-forum@… , “glosa-forum”, glosa-forum@…

If you feel like it, you can play with them: subscribe, send a test mail, receive it again and unsubscribe. These groups are not moderated yet, but all of them offer the possibility to do so. My impression: yahoo is the best of them (switch the option “Do not convert to HTML”!). Two things I dislike:

Other possibilities: , advert free, but only one mail per day, or more mails per day and then 2.50 EURO/month. , a “political provider”, perhaps not expensive, on vacations at the moment. free and no adverts, but only for scientist who are member of DFN. Some universities, … but only when you are student or staff there.

I think, the situation in glosalist@… is not acceptable any longer and we have to act. I would say: change over to yahoo is better than staying here. Please tell me, what your opinion is.

Nuli-tem despera, saluta


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