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Re: Niles, Myaleee

myaleee n ("myaleee n" <myaleee@...>) on January 21, 2011

— In, Gary R Miller <justi.miller@…> wrote:=

Karo Niles–

  • An pa kapti mega quantita de mu> An pa kapti mega = Numera de mu

Here I really see no difference. (Spelling: QANTITA) += Ci mi veri logi zero difere. (Korekti grafo: QANTITA)

I think Myalee= e is looking for a difference as we have in English between the words MAN= Y and MUCH. But Glosa does not make this distinction.

  • Mi doxo; Myaleee= cerka u difere, homo in England lingua, inter bi verba MANY e MUCH. Ant= i-co Glosa ne habe u-ci difere.

*e extende an manu te prende id> e ext= ende AUTO manu te prende id(his own,refers to “an” not someone else’s) =

  • tem monstra id punge-ra> tem monstra AUTO punge-ra

Yes, here Myalee= e is technically correct. AUTO and SI are reflexive, referring back to t= he subject of the sentence/phrase. See chapter 13 of “18 Steps” for more= information.

  • Ja, ci Myaleee es tekno korekti. AUTO e SI es re-flexi, = tem re-tropi a cefa nomina-verba de frase/sub-frase. Sti vide kapitula 1= 3 de “18 Gradu” te gene ma poli info. Karo Miller, Tu tende “Se” e no “si= “=3Dif , pardo ;-) myaleee


Your translations= of poetry are still good and interesting. It’s nice for me to have so m= uch to read in Glosa again!

  • Tu translati de plu poesi a-nu es boni e in= terese. Es hedo a mi; mi itera habe tali mega qantita de Glosa te lekto!=

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