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A J (A J <seitec@...>) on August 13, 2010

hi Li Zhenyu, glad to hear from u. i’m from russia, vladivostok. sorry i cannot reply u in glosa. i visited beijing once for a week on my trip to quingdao, where “kvina pacifika kongreso de esperanto” had place. that was in past century :) wish u get pleasure in u’r study of glosa AJ

Dear AJ Ni zhen bang! Ni ye hui Hanyu a! Ni shi naguo ren? You are so great! You know Chinese also! Which country are you from? Saluta! Li Zhenyu

— In, A J <seitec@…> wrote:

wo xianzai xuexi lojban ) wo ye hui shuo shihieyu le

Dear AJ Have you ever learned lojban? I met some trouble in studing it, which is quite different from the common Auxlangs.

Saluta! Li Zhenyu from Beijing, China — In, A J <seitec@> wrote:

hi to all from russia, suggest somebody to post flashcards with Glosa on (for example) see how lojban-learners use it AJ



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