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Re: [glosalist] Place critique(?) PART A.

Nicholas Hempshall (Nicholas Hempshall <nick_hempshall@...>) on July 25, 2003

— Robin Gaskell <drought-breaker@…> wrote:

kritici /krEEtEE-CH-EE/ : (to)criticise, criticism, (a)critique dona kritici = give criticism [criticise]

or perhaps ~verifi~ [check for correctness]

tipo /tEEpOR/ : type(of), (to)type, (a)type, ; ge-tipo = printed

~tipo~ basically means hitting, and hence typing and printing, where things hitting the paper come into play. [Gk. typos “dent, impression, mark, figure, original form,” from root of typtein “to strike, beat.”]

~speci~ [brand; kind (sort, species); sort (n); species]

~speci~ is one of the (some-what misnamed class of) �articles� in Glosa. So ~tri speci ergo-pe~ is standard Glosa [three kinds of worker(s)].

in; ad-in = into %I prefer the Old Glosa, ~in~ = “into”%

~in~ in (for example ~Mi fratri eko in Paris.~ or ~in domi~ [at home] or ~in trena~ [on the train]) ~ad-in~ into (for example ~An bali id ad-in meso fluvi~ [He throw it into the middle of the river]) ~intra~ inside, indoors, internal (for example ~Fe pa resta intra.~ [She stayed indoors])

poli ami saluta ex Nick

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