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Gary R Miller (Gary R Miller <justi.miller@...>) on April 17, 2010


“Tu debi gene tako more Glosa kogita. You should quickly get accustomed thinking in Glosa.”

In my opinion, there are two variants of translation possible:

1) Tu debi (gene tako more) (Glosa kogita). = You should quickly get accustomed to thinking in Glosa.

2) Tu debi (gene tako) (more Glosa kogita). = You should get accustomed to thinking quickly in Glosa. (or: “to quick Glosa thinking”).

There is an error with sentence order here. TAKO is in the wrong place. It modifies either DEBI or GENE, and should, therefore, come before one of those two words. And FU would probably be better than the English subjunctive SHOULD here. I think you have found an all-around bad sentence.

I have found that a good way to make Glosa more precise is to add prepositions:

1) Tu FU TAKO gene more (DE) kogita (PER) Glosa.

2) Tu FU gene more (DE) TAKO kogita (PER) Glosa.

There are still other ways to solve the problem, but adding prepositions and U(N)/PLU often help to clarify Glosa sentences.

As a former student of Russian, let me say that your English is outstanding.

-> Iso u pre stude-pe de Rosija lingua, mi debi dice; tu England lingua es forti fo-boni.

_ _ /. /\ Gary


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Fast links: Interglossa » Glosa »

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