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Re: [glosalist] Ordering 18 Steps

John Braddock (John Braddock <fsbd7000@...>) on July 15, 2003


Plu gratia Gary. I will go the Western Union route. The cost is well worth the benifits.

A re-vide,

John Braddock

Gary R Miller <justi.miller@…> wrote: Dear John Braddock,

The book 18 Steps is available for 8.95 pounds Sterling plus .75 shipping (about 14 US dollars). Write to: Glosa PO Box 18 Richmond Surrey TW9 2GE ENGLAND

Now comes the bad news: The United States Postal Service no longer issues money orders to England. This means you need to go to Western Union or a high-class bank to get an international money order. They’ll convert your dollars to pounds and charge you 20 dollars for it. I have not been able to find any better deal on the Internet. If you call your local banks or try the Internet yourself, perhaps you can find a better deal.

Perhaps you could contact Wendy Ashby at the above address and see if she would take about 13 International Reply Coupons (IRC’s, available at any post office) as payment. Wendy is a nice lady, but I don’t know if the British post would go for it.

Someday I hope we have an American chapter of Glosa that can order the books in bulk and ship them within the United States with no need for currency conversion. (Having its own contact people and newsletter would be nice too.) But for now international money orders will have to do.

Penite e saluta, _ _ /. Gary #/#


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