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Re: Neo Glosa zelo-pe

scaramouche_54 ("scaramouche_54" <scaramux@...>) on August 7, 2009


Thanks for the encouragement, guys! There’s not much actual Glosa on = the blog yet, but I plan to post something every week or so. Working my way=

through “The 18 Steps”. Hope to complete it next week–the first pass, any= way.

Mi es fo hedo gene sko de Glosa !

Plu Saluta, Paul

— In glosalis=, Scott Heavner <tangentaxis@…> wrote:


You = have an excellent blog! I’m going to add it to the ning community I’ve cr= eated.


On 8/6/09, William Branch williamtbranch@… wrote:


Your blog is very nice. I’ve added to my reader.

Sa= luta, Bill

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– i left my heart in syntax error !@#$

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