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Scott Heavner (Scott Heavner <tangentaxis@...>) on July 19, 2009

I agree. I’ve started working on a Glosa wikibook that will be less terse than the official 18 steps to fluency guide. I also placed a link to the facebook group on wikipedia. Maybe also we can create an e-mail correspondence course akin to Esperanto’s. I’m open for anything.

Plu saluta, Scott

On 7/19/09, Liogab11 <liogab11@…> wrote:

I feel that one of the reasons Glosa is not growing is because of lack of formal instruction and training. I bet that if we were anything like the people fron Toki Pona, we’d probably be heading the same direction.

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Here’s hoping, Doro. Glosa is too beautiful and easy an AIL to lose to obscurity. It seems the Novial community is on the fast track to inactivity and I just don’t want to see the same thing happen to our community. Of the three AIL’s that I have knowledge in (Esperanto, Glosa, Novial) I find Glosa to be the most efficient and fun to use.

Plu saluta, Scott

On 7/14/09, andoromeda83 <andoromeda83@> wrote:


Great idea! I already joined the group and made some small posts. We are already six people there. Now the facebook group and also the Yahoo Group here should be more active.

Plu saluta ex Doro

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To anyone interested, i created a facebook group for Glosa. I am also working on a Glosa wikibook for wikipedia. Any suggestions and aid you can provide would be greatly appreciated. I just hope we all can promote Glosa so that it may be used more frequently.



P.S. Does anyone know of the status of Glosa’s caretakers?

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