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Liogab11 (Liogab11 <liogab11@...>) on July 19, 2009

I feel that one of the reasons Glosa is not growing is because of lack of f= ormal instruction and training. I bet that if we were anything like the peo= ple fron Toki Pona, we’d probably be heading the same direction.

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= Ave!

Here’s hoping, Doro. Glosa is too beautiful and easy an AIL to lose t= o obscurity. It seems the Novial community is on the fast track to inactivi= ty and I just don’t want to see the same thing happen to our community. Of = the three AIL’s that I have knowledge in (Esperanto, Glosa, Novial) I find = Glosa to be the most efficient and fun to use.

Plu saluta, Scott

On 7/14/= 09, andoromeda83 <andoromeda83@> wrote:


Great idea! I a= lready joined the group and made some small posts. We are already six peo= ple there. Now the facebook group and also the Yahoo Group here should be= more active.

Plu saluta ex Doro

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To anyone interested, i = created a facebook group for Glosa. I am also working on a Glosa wikiboo= k for wikipedia. Any suggestions and aid you can provide would be greatl= y appreciated. I just hope we all can promote Glosa so that it may be us= ed more frequently.



P.S. Does anyone kn= ow of the status of Glosa’s caretakers?

– i left my heart in sy= ntax error !@#$

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