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Re: [glosalist] Unable to deliver your message

Marcel Springer (Marcel Springer <marcel@...>) on July 2, 2003

Robin grafo, 2003-07-02:

Karo Plu Amika, Mi pa bali u seqe mesage, uti “italic” skripti te monstra mi plu muta. Vi pote lekto u resulta. Mi pa cerka info ex Yahoo de u-ci. Sed, pro nu, mi evita un uti de “italic” intra mi plu muta skripti, e re-bali id ad u Lista …

                                  [Glosa after ###. Glosa seqe ###.]

Sorry, Robin, for your problems. Sorry, your text did not appear.

An E-mail used to have only plain text, – without fonts, graphics, colors etc. When you want these features, modern mail programs split your mail into several parts with a short description what is in there (applications, HTML or whatever). All these parts are handled as attachments (This standard is called MIME).

Attachments are unwanted in glosalist, because we want to avoid worms, viruses and HTML-spam.

And there is a second reason: if the others want to read your posting, they need the setting “HTML” at Yahoo. But it is recommended to choose the option “Do NOT convert to HTML”, because otherwise they are forced to download big graphic files of advertising from Yahoo!. When they have chosen “Do not convert to HTML”, they get only 3 lines advertising, what is acceptable, I think.

I think, bold face and italic is not worth the trouble we would get by it. I hope, I could convince you. Greetings - Marcel.


Penite, Robin, de tu plu problema. Penite; tu textu ne gene vista.

Pre oligo tem, un elektroni-grama norma habe solo simpli textu, – minus difere litera, plu pikto, kroma alo hetero ra. Si tu volu plu-la ra, u tu e-grama programa skizo tu grama ad-in oligo mero ko brevi info; id habe qo-ra in la (posi plu programa, HTML alo ali hetero ra).
Panto plu-la mero gene trakta homo inklude-ra (attachments). (U-ci norma gene nomina MIME.)

Plu inklude-ra es no-ge-volu in glosalist, kausa na volu evita plu “vermi”, puta-me infekti e HTML-publika-ma.

E il es hetero kausa: si plu hetero glosalist-pe volu lekto tu grama; mu nece habe optio “HTML” ad Yahoo. Sed id es ma boni: elekti optio “Do NOT convert to HTML”, kausa hetero-mode mu nece ana-kargo plu mega pikto-dokumenta ko publika-ma ex Yahoo. Si mu habe optio “Do not convert to HTML”; mu gene solo 3 line publika-ma, e u-ci pote gene cepti; mi doxo.

Mi puta; grasi litera (bold face) alo obliqi litera (italic) ne habe sati valu sed sti ma turba. Mi spe; mi pa pote sti tu kredi. Saluta - Marcel.

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