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Re: [glosalist] plu Glosa sko

Marcel Springer (Marcel Springer <marcel@...>) on June 29, 2003

Robin grafo, 2003-06-29:

Sorry Nick: what I object to is the syrupy-sweet, false language of polite, and often two-faced, society.

A language, also an auxlang, must be able to express two-faced things.

Speaking as an Australian, and as someone whose country is currently being ‘culturally hegemonised’ by the United States, I might have over-reacted to the American culture in Nick’s English-language phrases!

I think, Nick comes from England. I imagine, that his text is also from England. So I cannot see any “USA-hegemony” nor “White-House-philosphy” in it, nothing political, nothing national.

Glosalist is a place, where we CREATE culture (auxlang culture!). It is NOT the place, where we FIGHT AGAINST other cultures, not against the one from USA nor wherever from. Everyone is welcome here, who respects the others. Please make that always clear!

Nick’s and Gary’s text shows, how a conversation could be started in Glosa. Why not starting with polite small-talk like “how do you do?”? We will not be able to go deeper, if we do not start talking. Please be aware: Glosa has too few conversation and it is weak yet in learning material. A trophy for everyone who tries to change that!

Mi dice fo gratia a Nick e Gary de u-ci textu. Mi spe; vi fu dura u-ci ergo e mi atende kon entusi plu seqe mero de id! Saluta. Marcel

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