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Re: [glosalist] Suffixes, chomski (sydpidd@...) on November 29, 2008

there is a house with a chimney. on the chimney, there is sea bird standing.

i walk towards the bird. la es u domi-on ko u fumi-tubi. epi u fumi-tubi, u mari-avi-o du sta . mi du

gresi-a u avi.

“c c c c skwaak” calls the bird softly “c c c c skwaak”-on du moli voci-is u avi-o i walk nearer mi du gresi ma proxi
“C C C C SKWAAK” calls the bird, louder. “C C C SKWAAK”-on du voci-is u avi-o, ma fo-soni.

itera, mi du gresi, ma proxi the bird do leave the chimney and do swoop as though it means to crash into

my face. at the last minute it swerves, squawks very very loudly and very

close in my ear
u avi du ki-ab u fumi-tubi e du kata homo id du semani te krasc ad-in u mi

facia. a u fini minuta, id du subito-tropi, e du voci fo fo fo-soni in u mi

oti. “a a a a do not touch!” this is a warning by a mother to a child who is

about to touch something dangerous. u-ci es u monito per u matri a u infanti qi es proxi te palpa uno-ra de

risko. the call is understood and used by birds and humans u voci-on ge logi-as e ge uti-as per plu avi-oj e plu homi-oj

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