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Re: Glosa vs IDO etc.

lenadi_moucina ("lenadi_moucina" <lenadi_moucina@...>) on November 4, 2008

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Just j= oined. I definitely want to learn an IAL and my preliminary screening te= lls me that the two best choices are probably Glosa or IDO. I tend to pre= fer GLOSA. Would you have any article or site where I could find a compar= ison of the two, showing the advantages of Glosa over IDO?

In fact if= Glosa is the most recent of the IALs, created after having looked at al= l the other ones created earlier, is there not somewhere an article compa= ring advantageously Glosa to all the other main IAL?

Thanks for= your help.

Jacques Drapeau

ex Canadian diplomat

Liv= ing in Rome, Italy.

PS: Is there a ‘central authority’ somewhe= re controlling the standards and the spreading of Glosa worldwide? The w= ebsite is very limited. What is the main website(s) about = Glosa?

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