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Re: [glosalist] Re: Better grammar discussion

Nick N. Mikhailenko ("Nick N. Mikhailenko" <nick0000@...>) on June 29, 2008

Thank you for your idea. Evrebody may use the words of home-language and the simple translator to Glosa or Esperanto


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dear patrick and daniel i think that the things people are saying about glosa is that there are

various styles of the one language. if for instance, you wanted to

write poetry, you would be free with word order and grammar. if you

needed to give precise instructions you would need some sort of strict

grammar. both styles have their places in glosa - here are some

thoughts about the more strict grammar. “yesterday, the men went to london” we can divde the sentence into “essential” section and “extra”(=

“yesterday”). the essential section can be divided into “indicated”

part(=”the men”) and “information” part which can also be divded into 2

“went” and “to london” the indicating part carries number - single/plural, the first part of

information carries time - past present and future ( “went”=past). the

second information part is more variable. I have been interested in glosa for about 30 or 40 years and often

found it difficult to understand what has been written in glosa, my

memory has become worse over the years so i call in the help of my

computer to translate english to glosa and back. i first sketch the

english into my version of glosa grammar and have the computer replace

the “english” with glosa words.i.e. “ths man dd go to london “ “ths” is the introducing word of the phrase- “ths=a/the” plural,

“th=a/the” singular”, “man” = the head word (noun - countable word).

the number is carried by the introducing word/ “dd”=did ……..

prog being naughty !!!!!!

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