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Re: ergo glosa

Daniel MACOUIN ("Daniel MACOUIN" <lenadi_moucina@...>) on October 13, 2007

— In, “Nick N. Mikhailenko” <nick0000@…> wrot= e:

A lot of people thinks the same. A propose the name GLOSA++

B= ecause it seems impossible to make some change in Glosa (nobody have the au= thority to decide), by desesperance I am working for a new Glosa, with the = ideas of my ergo-glosa web-pages. I name it Pan-glosa, (but why not Glosa++= !) : it should be a poor-grammar language. The vocabulary is the same tha= n Glosa’s (a very good base), with only few changes. The hard think is how= to determinate what word is realy not a word-concept! I hope a very small = number of these no-word-concept. It’s not sure than I am able, alone, to d= ecide about a so complex problem. Pero, vamos a ver en los tiempos que vie= nen.


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