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Re: ergo glosa

Daniel MACOUIN ("Daniel MACOUIN" <lenadi_moucina@...>) on October 10, 2007

— In, Vasiliy <vabot@…> wrote:

1. ‘P= lu’ =3D>’Lu’ It’s OK. I agree, and i vote for it by my both hands.

Thank = you.

  1. What is a conceptual word? That is a question. This question = is open, it’s not simple. There isn’t a clear and ‘one-signed’ answer. =

I think that in Glosa, except any words such “de, to, e, sed …” all=

the overs are concept-words. I want to say that they can, potentialy, be u= se as noun, verb, adverb, adjective, if the writer can give them some sense= . Naturely, we need a mark for indicate if a phrase is a noun-phrase or a v= erb-phrase. I advance GO for active-verb and to use GE for status-verb (=3D= adjective, as in indonesian language ).


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