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Re: ergo glosa

Daniel MACOUIN ("Daniel MACOUIN" <lenadi_moucina@...>) on October 7, 2007

— In, “Daniel MACOUIN” <lenadi_moucina@…> wro= te:

I have worked about the glosa grammar, because it seem to me that t= he Ron-Wendy’s system need implicite status (verb or noun) for many w= ords, in opposite of the advertising about Glosa.

My system is maximal= ist, perhaps it is not necessary to go so far away. However, I am sur= e that a marker for the beginning of a verb phrase is imperative.

I= f you can read french, you can see my personnal pages about ergo- glosa a= t this address: http//

You can now read an engl= ish page about my ergo-glosa here : ues_artificielles/glosa/en_ergoGlosa.htm

I am not fluent in englih, so I h= elp me by Google for translate. The result may be curious for a realy engli= sh speaker. Sorry, we need an other international language!


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