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himalayanpussycat ("himalayanpussycat" <maryannehanna@...>) on August 10, 2007

One of my quibbles is kron (time). I’m sorry for sublimating such a petty = issue, but kron appears to have two different meanings: (1) time as in a p= articular time, instant, brief time; (2) ‘time’ as in number of occasions,= repetition, numeration.

For example: ali kron – any time Mi pa telef= ono a(d) fe bi kron. – I phoned her ‘twice (two times)’. Bibe u-ci medika= -ma tri kron singu di. – Take this medicine ‘three times’ a day. Kron an= veni place dic(e) a(d) mi. – When (at the time) he comes please tell me.=

Mi pa du lava u vagona; kron an pa veni. – I was washing the car when h= e arrived.

To me these two significations seem clearly distinct. Further= more, they manifest to be separate words in Romance languages, as in Fren= ch “fois” (not that I know much French). I am equivocating if it should be= two different words. Else it may be rather enigmatic to some people.


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