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Re: Thesaurus de Roget

Roy Fullmer ("Roy Fullmer" <ernobe@...>) on July 9, 2007

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Rog= ets’ Thesaurus in English and Glosa: rnobe/rog0.htm

Apparently it is not displaying properly in Internet Ex= plorer. I’m not sure, since I don’t use Windows and only run IE in an em= ulator. Anyway, Rogets’ Thesaurus is repotedly at the base of Glosas’ = vocabulary, and has served as inspiration for several constructed languag= e projects, such as Dutton Speedwords, Gilo, and Sona.

The problem was wi= th the HTML markup. It seems to be displaying properly now. The headers a= re now centered, the page names have been changed to reflect the contents, = and the tables have been increased in width. I had originally planned to p= ut equivalents to Rogets words for Dutton Speedwords, Gilo, and Sona, but I= think it would probably just be confusing things too much. The Glosa word= s by themselves are rich enough to suggest many meanings that enrich the te= xt of Roget itself, rather than only trying to borrow from it.

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