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Re: Country names and so on

lenadi_moucina ("lenadi_moucina" <lenadi_moucina@...>) on July 9, 2007

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like ipa, it ha= s already been done for us 515 degrees north, 032 degrees west etc 515= 032landa penta-mo-penta-zero-tri-bi-landa or 5102landa pent-mo- ze-bi-land= a 484012landa 546132landa 484012civi etc

This way is very har= d for who is not a mariner! I prefer the phonetic method, which is more us= efull and realist that the official Glosa system.

I think that native spe= akers may make a list of the cities … in their own countries. So, I begi= n:

Paris < PARI Bordeaux > BORDO Marseille > MARSEJ Nice > NIS Chamonix >= CAMONI Poitiers > PUATIE La Rochelle > LA ROCEL Brest > BREST Toulouse > T= ULUZ Bayonne > BAJON Courchevel > KURCEVEL Dax > DAX Niort > NIOR Strasbour= g > STRASBUR Lille > LIL Roubaix > RUBE

These names can be translate by a = true phonetic aquivalence. But they are any names that I cannot : the “j” (= and “ge”, and nasal noises : [=F5],[=E3] … “j” and “ge”, I keep the J l= etter which can be pronouced [j], but I use the letter C for the end of th= e name. Limoges > LIMOC Juvisy > JUVIZI

[=F5], [=E3]… I keep the voyel w= ite the n consonnant Frans > FRANS-LANDO Fran=E7ais > FRANS-PE and FRANS-gl= osa

Toulon < TULON Mont-de-Marsan > MON-DE-MARSAN Clermont-Ferrand > KLERM= ON-FERAN Mont-Blanc > MON-BLAN Rouen > RUAN Moulin > MULIN Le Havre > LE HA= VR Lyon > LJON


Perhaps is it better to add a suffix at the cities = name? URBA? » Pari-urba, Ljon-urba, Madri-urba, Bilbo-urba (Bilbao- urba)= …

Plu amika Daniel

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