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David Porter ("David Porter" <Davidporter@...>) on July 7, 2007

Ave plu Glosa-pe I wish to introduce myself - name is David. I joined the group in April but have been away for the past five weeks and have just caught up with the large number of posts during my absence. I don’t pretend to have taken everything in but would like to make the following comments. Firstly I believe that Himalayanpussycat 19.06.07 makes a very valid point concerning the need for a committee to oversee the language and with regard to this I would mention that when I last heard from Wendy Ashby (last April) she wrote that Glosa is still important to her and she intends to continue to work for and promote the language. I think that Wendy does not have computer access however which sort of sidelines her in the group’s debating. Secondly Nick Hempshall mentions the first 150 words 17.06.07 - would be useful to have these listed. Thirdly Sid writes about pronounciation 20.06.07 - I did not think I had a problem with that but am not so sure now (and how does one know?) ….but…..again there should be a consensus over such important changes and how does one achieve that if there is no overseeing committee? This comment also applies to the debate over numbers; word order and the remarks re. J or Y by Himalayanpussycat 05.07.07. I was interested in Esperanto until I learnt about Glosa but my understanding regarding Esperanto was that the language is controlled by some sort of governing body in order to maintain a consistent world wide format - something I believe is essential for an international language.
Finally, I think it should be borne in mind that to effectively make any changes to the language should involve the changes being made in hard copy and not just for reading over the inet -and I do not suppose there are resources for that. David.

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